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We are raising the standards of feminine care by providing safe & healthier products. Empowering you, whether you’re living life or creating it.

Enya Premium

A consciously designed mix box consists of day & night organic cotton pads as your monthly period care companion.


Enya Basics

Your basic regular flow organic cotton pads packaged in a resealable bag. Get yours for FREE now!


Why Organic Cotton ?


✓ Breathable and Comfortable

✓ Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic

✓ No rashes, itchiness or burning sensations

✓ Suitable for sensitive skin

Safe & Natural 🌿


You are natural, so should your period products be.

Made with 100% organic cotton topsheet that’s safe for sensitive skin, that means no fragrances,  toxins, dyes, or harsh chemicals. 

Your choice: Anytime, Anywhere.


Hello pads, meet the internet.

For a monthly hassle-free experience, we deliver our quality and premium period pads straight to your doorstep. 

Let's talk about it. Period.

Periods a taboo ? Please.

Part of our mission is to spark inclusive conversations about our periods and womens reproductive health.

Got any questions for us ?

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Real Reviews By Real Women


" @enyawomen made me feel like I'm on top of the world, guys. Hands down super comfy, less odor & breathable ! "

@annashariff (Verified Customer)


" It's comfy, no leaking and most importantly no rashessss " (Verified Customer)


"This is the pad I've been searching for my whole life - organic cotton, super comfortable (Even when I'm wearing the heavy flow pad I dont really notice it, as if its almost feels like an extension of my cotton underwear), affordable and such cool packaging !"

@empoweredskincare (Verified Customer)


" Hi enya, had my period last week and used ur pads ! Felt like wearing ntg ! Will surely repeat order ! Just wish you have overnights "

@halimatskm (Verified Customer)


" Tried out @enyawomen's ultra thin organic cotton pads during my last cycle & the quality is A++, especially when it's comfortable and leak proof, you don't gotta worry about embarrassing moments"

@vanessalky (Verified Customer)