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We are Enya. Meet the monthly essentials that your period care needs - one that is there for you every step of the way. 

Why Organic Cotton ?


✓ Breathable and Comfortable

✓ Skin-friendly, Hypoallergenic

✓ No rashes, itchiness or burning sensations

✓ Suitable for sensitive skin

FREE just pay shipping + handling🌿


Basics that are anything but basic.

As part of our initiative & support towards providing quality organic feminine products to all women, 

we are proud to announce that the first pack of  Enya Basics will always be FREE,

subscribers only need to cover shipping and handling cost.


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🌿 100% Organic Cotton Topsheet


You are natural, so should your period products be.

Made with 100% Organic Cotton topsheet that’s safe for sensitive skin, that means no bulls*t. 

Our pads are

✓ FREE of Fragrances, Toxins, Paraben, Harsh chemicals

✓ Gynaecologist recommended

✓ Breathable

✓ Suitable for sensitive skin

‎️‍🔥 So long, Cramps


Ahhh those warm toasty hugs...

Our BEST-SELLING heating patch needs no introduction.

This eco-friendly patch is self-heating and reliefs your period pain in no time!


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Let's talk PeriodT.


We want to empower and inform women about safer, healthier alternatives for their bodies and beyond.

Periods are a natural human body process and we want to talk about it!

We aim to create a safe space for everybody to discuss about our reproductive health and not be embarrassed about it.

Real Reviews By Real Women


" @enyawomen made me feel like I'm on top of the world, guys. Hands down super comfy, less odor & breathable ! "

@annashariff (Verified Customer)


" It's comfy, no leaking and most importantly no rashessss " 

@nnj.mn (Verified Customer)


"This is the pad I've been searching for my whole life - organic cotton, super comfortable (Even when I'm wearing the heavy flow pad I dont really notice it, as if its almost feels like an extension of my cotton underwear), affordable and such cool packaging !"

@empoweredskincare (Verified Customer)


" Hi enya, had my period last week and used ur pads ! Felt like wearing ntg ! Will surely repeat order ! Just wish you have overnights "

@halimatskm (Verified Customer)


" Tried out @enyawomen's ultra thin organic cotton pads during my last cycle & the quality is A++, especially when it's comfortable and leak proof, you don't gotta worry about embarrassing moments"

@vanessalky (Verified Customer)