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As if the mood swings, breakouts and cramps weren’t enough of a statement… There’s also that first whiff you get when changing your pads. We've got you! This is a guide to decode what your period odour is telling you. Metallic & Copper-like Periods usually smell metallic due to the iron content in our blood. There should not be any concerns if your period smells this way. Approaching the end of your period, the metallic smell will definitely be less pungent. In this case, scented pads wouldn't also be the best idea because the chemicals will throw off your vaginals flora (your good bacteria)...

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Food cravings are real when women are on their period. I know you feel me. If it's not chocolate, ice cream, donuts, it's just something super sugary. We're here to tell you that there are just certain things that you should probably eat and some that may make your menstrual symptoms 1000x worse.

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Brown, red, pink, gray -- these are the different colours of period blood one may see when they look down at their sanitary pads. Us ladies are always trying to decipher why our period colours vary throughout our cycle and it's good because our colours help relay vital health information!

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